Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Preview - The Next Level

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Xbox 360
Release date:
October 24th, 2006
Raven Software
1 - 4

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel's finest break into an all-new robust RPG.

Preview by Ken Horowitz (Email)
August 8th 2006

The Basics: I must say, I'm quite intrigued by the upswing in love being shown to super hero action/RPG releases lately. I'm still reeling from the surprisingly great X-Men Legends series and the upcoming JLA title, and here comes Activision with Ultimate Alliance. This time, Activision is taking things to the next level, with over 20 playable characters. That's not a typo folks; that's the actual number of heroes you'll be able to use. Everyone you can think of is here: Captain America, Wolverine, Blade, and Spider-Man; they're all here. There are over 140 characters appearing in all, and their actions will determine both the fate of Earth and the entire Marvel Universe.

Players will be able to create and customize their own teams, including names, icons, and vehicles. As the adventure progresses, they'll also establish a team reputation which will influence NPC reactions. Not enough to whet your appetite? Did I mention that you can raise character's levels as you choose or let them all level up simultaneously to maintain balance? Battle take place in every environment possible against all the great super villains you love to hate, and objects in them can be used as weapons.

Still skeptical? Well, you can play on and offline with several friends (exactly how many is still unknown), and your stats are all tracked to see how each player stands against the rest, affecting experience points and item distribution. All of this, combined with the storyline being affected by missions completed and objectives achieved, will ensure that no two experiences are ever the same.

What we think: Good gracious, there's no need to even ask. There are few games this year that have caught my eye, but this one has me by the throat. If it manages to be even half as entertaining as X-Men Legends, and I don't doubt that it will be, then it's a no-brainer. I'm interested in any online game as long as there's a co-op mode, and Ultimate Alliance looks to give me all I ask and more.

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