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Xbox 360
Release date:
June 23rd, 2009
Triumph Studios
1 - 2

Overlord II

This is a very British game.

Preview by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
June 9th 2009

If you haven't completed the original Overlord, skip down to the next paragraph because this one has major SPOILERS. Ready? Okay, at the end of the previous game, the overlord was betrayed by the smart-ass Jester and killed. Now the evil imps need a new leader/figurehead, finding a likely candidate in a boy who terrorizes his home town with his youthful vigor, talent for magic, and complete sadism. Years are spent shaping this human into the evilest bastard ever to wear steel headgear; but in that time, the kingdom once ravaged by his predecessor has more than recovered. The Glorious Empire has risen from the ashes with a number of noble champions and a disdain for all things magical.

Sheep, baby seals, and all other things cuddly must die to feed and entertain your imp army.

There's no more "not such a bad guy/I'd share an ale with him" path. In Overlord II, you're either evil or you make Sauron look like a damp dwarf. Raze everything in your path, especially the cute and furry things. For sheep, baby seals, and all other things cuddly must die to feed and entertain your imp army. You will require minions to slaughter innocent Eskimos and eviscerate rainbow-clad elves, who actually want to protect the worthless creatures that fall before your swathe of destruction.

If you're not as keen on spilling entrails, you can crush the minds of your enemies instead, hypnotizing the local townsfolk to serve your evil, and more than likely perverse, desires. Your normal minions still blindly serve with a sweep of the right analog stick, but now they get mounts in the forms of wolves, salamanders, and spiders. This not only strengthens their attacks, but also grants special abilities, like leaping to a place they couldn't reach before.

Overlord II minion clubbing a sealOverlord II armor

With a demo currently available on Xbox Live, and one for PC coming very soon, see how you feel about donning the spiky armor before the full release coming later this month.

Watch the Overlord II video, "10 Reasons Why It's Cool To Be Evil" (Windows Media, 69.9 MB).

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