Perfect Dark Zero Preview - The Next Level

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Xbox 360
Release date:
Holiday 2005
Microsoft Game Studios
Rare Ltd.
1 - 50
First-Person Shooter

Perfect Dark Zero

Update: Official bios, new gameplay screenshot and first in-game soundtrack available. Come get some!

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
September 30th 2005

Perfect Dark fans eagerly craving new information will be delighted to know that we've just obtained some new assets, compliments of Microsoft Game Studios. Below, you'll find a detailed character bios for Joanna Dark, as well as a music clip, the first-ever official character render of the sexy heroine and a new screenshot (click image below to enlarge)!

Hopefully, we'll receive some new in-game footage soon to give you an idea how the game has been coming along so far. Be sure to download that music clip below -- it's totally sexy. The best way to describe the tune is to imagine a James Bond 60's score mixed with Austin Powers. I don't know whether to pick up a gun and start shooting or hit the dance floor.

We'll keep you posted as new developments emerge.

Joanna Dark Bio:

Full Name: Joanna Dark

Date of Birth: 03/18/2000

Blood Type: O

Height: 5’ 9”

Appearance: Red shoulder-length hair with distinctive blonde streak, blue eyes, pale complexion, and a slender, athletic build.

Distinguishing Features: Star tattoo on neck (left side).

Occupation: Bounty hunter and bail enforcement agent. Certified for international operations.

Known Relatives: Jack Dark, father and professional bounty hunter.

Associates: Chandra Sekhar, a young hacker who runs mission assist for Dark Bail Bonds.

Background/History: Joanna Dark is an eager bounty hunter, a raw talent with laser-sharp reflexes, a reckless streak a mile wide, and a flair for sniffing out trouble. Her father, Jack, still can’t help thinking of her as ‘daddy’s little girl’ and she often bristles at his overprotective tendencies.

Joanna is capable of deep, destructive anger, and often lacks the discipline to keep her temper in check, which leads her to undertake reckless, ill-advised actions. Despite this, she is also extremely gifted and adaptable, and this frequently gets her out of dangerous situations.

Growing up in the shadow of her father, Joanna was trained from birth to be self-reliant; this makes it nearly impossible for her to easily trust someone else, particularly since her youth was spent helping her father chase crooks, hoodlums, liars, and thieves from one end of the globe to the other.

Despite a childhood that could best be termed ‘eccentric’ - most adolescents don’t catch crooks with their fathers - she is remarkably well-adjusted and content to live each day as it comes. Trained by Jack but untested outside of HoloMan-VR, Jo is desperate to demonstrate her talents, as much to herself as to her father.

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