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Xbox 360
Release date:
July 10, 2007
Square Enix
Game Arts

Project Sylpheed

The long-running shooter series takes flight once again.

Preview by Sean Wheatley (Email)
July 2nd 2007

Believe it or not, the Silpheed franchise is over twenty years old now. Not that I have ever been much of a fan, mind you. I have always found them a case of style over substance. Still, it does seem to have a cult following.

Along with a spelling change (it's now Sylpheed with a 'Y') comes a slight change in genre. Project Sylpheed is still a shooter, just not of the 2d linear variety like the past games. It's now a fully 3D free-roaming space sim. You can customize your ship by buying new weapons, and you can give orders to your wingmen. Those averse to micromanagement shouldn't have to worry, though. It doesn't seem any more complex than other console space sims like Colony Wars and StarLancer.

Graphically, it's nothing to get excited about (it almost looks like it could be on the original Xbox), but it does handle a ton of different objects simultaneously on-screen fairly smoothly. Plus, it will retail at a discounted price. And now that Square-Enix owns Game Arts, you can see their influence on the series with its fancy Final Fantasy-esque cinemas. Judging by the intro, I expect there to be some sappy love story mixed in there as well.

Project Sylpheed may not be the type of shooter long time fans expected or wanted but it is shaping up to be a decent space sim for those looking for something more Japanese in style than the genre's usual fare. Hardcore fans of the genre may want to stick to the more complex ones on PC.

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