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Xbox 360
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Holiday 2006

Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Ubisoft's limbless hero returns for an all-new adventure.

Preview by Ken Horowitz (Email)
April 12th 2006

The Basics: After his third outing was met with mixed reactions, Ubisoft's Rayman is going back to basics. Creator Michael Ancel is returning to guide the company's Montpellier studio for the fourth installment, which is slated for a release this holiday season.

Anyone who's played the first game will remember its beautiful backdrops and diverse stages, and when mixed with the solid 3D engines the two sequels used, this newest game should bring the series full circle. Details are few on what changes have been made to the gameplay, but with the series' creator at the helm, expect good things to happen.

What do we think? I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of Rayman 3. There was just something about it that didn't click with me. I did, however, love the first two games, and if Ubisoft can deliver the same gorgeous environments of the original with the seamless gameplay and incredible camera of The Great Escape, there is simply no reason why this won't be the best Rayman game to date.

I'd love to see Michael Ancel draw on his experience on Beyond Good & Evil to make this one a massive adventure with some unique gameplay elements, maybe even give it a darker feel. An interesting note is that it will see release on current and next generation consoles, so how far Ubisoft will utilize the new hardware remains to be seen. Here's hoping that they don't just go with a straight up port.

Rayman 4 is currently in development for PS2, Xbox, GC and PS3.

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