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Xbox 360
Release date:
March 28, 2006
1 - 4

Rumble Roses XX

Beauty and brawn have never looked so good. First screens revealed.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 6th 2005

The Basics: Konami recently gave us a first look at their forthcoming update to last year iteration of the Rumble Roses franchise set to hit the 360 in 2006.

One quick glimpse of our featured screenshot collective is indicative of the greater attention to detail which look more stunning than ever. Fans and newcomers will marvel as this all-female stable face off against each other in what promises to offer non-stop action full of jamming tunes and fun.

Currently, we don't have a great deal of details to share with you other than to expect plenty of extras including exclusive tag-tag action, new moves, game modes and most importantly – online play.

What do we think? Although screenshots are all I have to go on for now, color me impressed. I never had the chance to play the original Rumble Roses, but that's bound to change when the retail release hits. I am truly amazed by the level of detail in all the character models. Yes, there's a lot of T&A fan service going on here, which should especially get the male audience's blood pumping. And if you're thinking: "Hey, the style is similar to Dead or Alive.", you'd be correct. Wrestling purists familiar with Yukes portfolio should expect this upcoming entry will not disappoint. As it stands, Rumble Roses XX looks like the title to look out for in 2006. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

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