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Xbox 360
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November 25, 2008
Backbone Entertainment
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Super SF II Turbo HD Remix

Update: Refining classics is serious business.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
July 28th 2008

Last Update: 3/14/08

"OMG! What's taking so long?"

That's usually what comes to mind when this becomes the subject of conversation amongst avid SF fans. Well, suffice it to say -- there's been a lot of new developments since our initial preview was published. Capcom's has been more aggresive about getting this handled right, instead of right away. "That's cause it's been a mess," some may be saying right now and that wouldn't be too far from the truth. Many of the subsequent updates presented by Capcom/Backbone focused around the art direction; an area that's been heavily criticized by the Street Fighter community. Remember those exaggerated muscle tones from several months ago? Yeah, they've been dismissed in favor of more acceptable body frames. The tradeoff unfortunately led to much simpler tones in the clothing department. I think it's safe to say the popular vote will be in favor of the newer designs.

It's no secret that this project is influenced by fan input. What initially started out as a token update sporting next-gen sheen has evolved into a unique engine of its own. Some of Evolution's top players were brought in to assist with the highly anticipated "Remix" mode which will introduce the 16 World Warriors with some new moves and refinements said to provide some much-needed balance to the original design. Other major highlights started to trickle out over the past several months, revealing things like a Halo-style stat tracker, a hitbox display (I assume this will be featured in the Training Mode), and the classic 8-Player Tournaments featured in the 16-bit home edition of Super SF2 Turbo is making a return.

The most gratifying news of all was the fact we were given a much-needed update about where the project currently stands. Oh, and some new screens materialized too. (You can see those in our image gallery!)

With all the recent updates at Capcom-Unity published by David Sirlin, Rey Jimenez and Seth Killian, my confidence in this title being a successful has never been stronger. Thank you Capcom for taking the community input into account!!!

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Last Update: June 27, 2007

After 13 years, some may find it shocking that there's a strong collective group who still genuinely love Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Arguably considered to be one of Capcom's finest 2D productions, how could they possibly top one of the most popular, offense-minded, methodical fighters? Most of us would predict the most logical thing would be a total overhaul and you'd be half-right. As we discovered back on April 13, Capcom recruited comic masterminds UDON to literally redraw every visual element of the game, pixel-by-pixel.

Mull over that for a second. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, it should especially if you're an avid fan of UDON's work. And even if you're not, chances are for those of you reading this article and have a love for fighting games would have to be familiar with Street Fighter II. After all, it was one of the hottest arcade sensations in the 1990s that ultimately helped to shape the uber-fighting game community that exists today. It also gave birth to such highly respected players such as Alex Valle, Jason Cole, David Sirlin, John Gordon, Justin Wong, Arturo Sanchez and many, many more.

A large percentage of these players are now well into their late twenties or early thirties -- with thriving careers (or even families). While many of these players still fondly enjoy Street Fighter, the news of a an high-definition arcade classic doesn't necessarily guarantee the prospect of creating a new league of fans. And what of the existing fanbase? First impressions have been measured with a wide range of mixed feelings. So while there's a strong percentage of players, like myself, who have expressed favorable support of the production, others are indifferent and find it difficult to get excited.

Chun is NOT pleased with all your bickering...

There's a lot of major concerns about UDON recreating the original 2D artwork. Over the past two months, Capcom has kept fans up to date via their own virtual community blog, Capcom Digital. Product Marketing Specialist Brian Dunn channels work-in-progress artwork and tidbits of information from producer Rey Jimmenez. Over the past week, the last two updates revealed a first-look at Guile and Chun Li (see image above) respectively was met with a wide range of yays and nays. For the record, I think the sample art we've been graced with shows a great deal of promise and it's disappointing to see so much hot air going around over a "work-in-progress".

Much of the negative brow-raising outcries have challenged the very artistic integrity of the team, anatomical knowledge and going as far to suggest that Capcom recruit art design legends like Bengus to work on the project. For what it's worth, I am thrilled to see this project is getting so much feedback from both sides of the spectrum since it will play an instrumental role that should help to ensure the final product is done right.

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