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Xbox 360
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November 25, 2008
Backbone Entertainment
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Super SF II Turbo HD Remix

Update: Refining classics is serious business.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
July 28th 2008

And speaking of doing things right, Backbone Entertainment's Prodcuer and Game Designer David Sirlin knows all too well about delivering what players really want. Yes, he's the man who gave us such awesome productions as Capcom Classics Collection and SEGA Genesis Collection. Sirlin is certainly no stranger to details and the knowledge to back it up. An MIT graduate, accomplished player in the Street Fighter II scene and author of "Playing to Win". His attitude is focused on self-improvement and creating superior products -- for those of you that know him, HD Remix certainly deserves our support! In case you're wondering, in spite of the visual overhaul (characters, backgrounds, match-up screens), the studio has made it very clear that the gameplay will remain intact. For most of us, that's a nonissue, but I am sure there are many who are fond of SF3 have been grinding their teeth with disappointment.

Earlier this week, Brian revealed that they started the first run through an actual build with the new sprites, which we should hopefully get a glimpse of soon. And like most of you, I too have many questions about other key elements to the game. Elements which would really give fans a reason to throw down some e-commerce. These are just but a few of the questions I've come up with...

  • Will we have a spectator mode?
  • Can players organize their own tournaments or leagues?
  • Will there be a color edit mode?
  • Will there be an option to toggle between the original arcade voices and the new samples planned?
  • Will Backbone Entertainment and Capcom consider releasing a beta for select players to sign up and evaluate the game before its final release?

There's a lot of high hopes riding on this project. If successful, we could be looking at a new era of classics redesigned with the cutting edge allure of HD technology. I think there's quite a bit at stake here considering that it's been years since we've had a solid 2D production based upon the Street Fighter II cast. I would like nothing more than to see this appeal to fans as well as newcomers. But to be honest, the continuation of such projects depends mainly upon the support of the fans, not newcomers. UDON and Backbone know this. It's for this reason alone that community input is so essential. I can't imagine that it's easy to find a balance between creating a product that has some deliberate familiarity to the original and still classify as something new.

The fact it's coming to PS3 and Xbox Live with the online mulitplayer components intact will definitely prove effective in reaching out to the broadest userbase possible. (I just hope they have some effective solutions laid out that will address concerns of latency issues, quitters and half-wits.)

There's still a great deal of information we don't know about the game, but you can rest assured that I'll be keeping tabs on its continued development.

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