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Awesomenauts Preview
Saturday morning cartoons attack!
Yakuza: Dead Souls Preview
Kamurocho of the Dead.
Warriors Orochi 3 Preview
Musou legends across time.
Warriors: Legends of Troy Tecmo Koei Tecmo Koei Canada Action March 8, 2011
WWE All Stars THQ THQ San Diego Fighting, Party, Wrestling March 29, 2011
Disney Epic Mickey Disney Interactive Junction Point Studios Platformer December 2010
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 SEGA Dimps Platformer TBA 2010
Conduit 2 SEGA High Voltage First-Person Shooter Fall 2010
Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker Konami Kojima Productions Action 2010
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 Telltale Games Telltale Games Adventure Aug 20, 2009
Brutal Legend EA Games Double Fine Productions Action October 2009
Star Wars: The Old Republic LucasArts Bioware MMORPG December 20, 2011
Reflection DS Konami Team Reflection Platformer Summer 2009
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games SEGA SEGA Sports, Party TBA
Dark Void Capcom Airtight Games Third-Person Shooter Q4 2009
Street Fighter IV Capcom Capcom Fighting July 7, 2009
Half-Minute Hero Xseed Games Opus Studio Action RPG Fall 2009
The King of Fighters XII Ignition Entertainment SNK/Playmore Fighting July 7, 2009
Muramasa: The Demon Blade Ignition Entertainment Vanillaware Action RPG September 8, 2009
Undead Knights Tecmo Team Tachyon Fighting Fall 2009
Quantum Tecmo Team Tachyon Third-Person Shooter Q1 2010
Overlord II Codemasters Triumph Studios Adventure June 23rd, 2009
Split/Second Disney Interactive Black Rock Racing Early 2010
The Grinder High Voltage High Voltage First-Person Shooter TBA
Tales of Monkey Island Telltale Games Telltale Games Adventure July 7, 2009
Trials HD RedLynx RedLynx Racing, Platformer, Puzzle, Extreme Sports Summer 2009
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey 505 Games 1C Company Aerial Combat September 16, 2009
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo Nintendo EAD 4 Platformer Fall 2009
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