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Awesomenauts Preview
Saturday morning cartoons attack!
Yakuza: Dead Souls Preview
Kamurocho of the Dead.
Warriors Orochi 3 Preview
Musou legends across time.
Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Square Enix ArtePiazza RPG September 16, 2008
Darksiders: Wrath of War THQ Vigil Games Action RPG unannounced
Wario Land: Shake It! Nintendo Good-Feel Platformer September 22, 2008
Saints Row 2 THQ Volition Inc. Third-Person Shooter October 14th, 2008
UFC 2009 THQ Yukes Fighting Q2 2009
Killzone 2 SCEE Guerrilla Games First-Person Shooter February 2009
The Witcher Enhanced Atari CD Projekt RPG September 16th, 2008
Lego Batman Warner Bros. Interactive Ent. Traveller's Tales Action September 23rd, 2008
Project Origin Warner Bros. Interactive Ent. Monolith Software First-Person Shooter Q4 2008
Street Fighter IV Capcom Capcom Fighting February 17, 2009
Fallout 3 Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks RPG Q4 2008
Mirror's Edge Electronic Arts DICE Action TBA 2008
Mega Man 9 Capcom Capcom Platformer TBA
Naurto: Path of the Ninja 2 Tomy Corporation Tomy Corporation RPG Sept. 16, 2008
Civilization Revolution 2K Games 2K Games Turn-Based Strategy July 8, 2008
Rock Revolution Konami Konami Music TBA 2008
Deca Sports Hudson Soft Hudson Soft Sports May 13, 2008
Kung Fu Panda Activision Luxoflux Action June 2, 2008
R-Type Command Atlus USA IREM Turn-Based Strategy May 7, 2008
This is Vegas Midway Surreal Software Action December 30, 2008
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue SCEA Polyphony Digital Racing April 15, 2008
Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1 Hothead Games Hothead Games Adventure May 21st, 2008
Rez HD Q? Entertainment Q? Entertainment Action January 30, 2008
Mana Khemia Nippon Ichi Gust RPG March 31, 2008
Frontlines: Fuel of War THQ Kaos Studios First-Person Shooter February 18, 2008
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