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Awesomenauts Preview
Saturday morning cartoons attack!
Yakuza: Dead Souls Preview
Kamurocho of the Dead.
Warriors Orochi 3 Preview
Musou legends across time.
Super Mario Strikers Nintendo Next Level Games Sports TBA
Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Nintendo Platformer November 12, 2007
Super Mario DS Nintendo Nintendo Adventure November 20, 2004
Super Army War Atlus USA Atlus USA Action Feburary 2005
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse Aspyr Media Wideload Games Action Summer 2005
Street Fighter IV Capcom Capcom Fighting February 17, 2009
Street Fighter IV Capcom Capcom Fighting July 7, 2009
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Capcom Capcom Action June 13, 2006
Stranglehold Midway Midway Action August 28, 2007
Stolen Hip Interactive Blue 52 Action March 15, 2005
Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity Atlus USA Atlus USA Strategy RPG April 26, 2005
Steambot Chronicles Atlus USA IREM RPG May 23, 2006
Star Wars: The Old Republic LucasArts Bioware MMORPG December 20, 2011
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed LucasArts LucasArts Action September 18, 2008
Star Trek: Legacy Bethesda Softworks Mad-Doc Software Strategy Q3 2006
Star Fox: Assault Nintendo Namco Limited Shooter January 25, 2005
Star Fox DS Nintendo Nintendo Action TBA
Split/Second Disney Interactive Black Rock Racing Early 2010
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Ubisoft Ubisoft Action March 2005
Spider-Man: Battle for New York Activision Torus Action November 2006
Spectral Souls Nippon Ichi Idea Factory RPG Sept. 26, 2006
SoulCalibur V Namco Bandai Project Soul Fighting January 31, 2012
Soulcalibur III Namco Namco Fighting October 25, 2005
Sonic Unleashed SEGA SEGA Platformer TBA 2008
Sonic the Hedgehog Next-Gen (PS3) SEGA SEGA Platformer TBA
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