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Awesomenauts Preview
Saturday morning cartoons attack!
Yakuza: Dead Souls Preview
Kamurocho of the Dead.
Warriors Orochi 3 Preview
Musou legends across time.
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai SCEA Game Republic Action Sept. 20, 2005
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Bandai Bandai Action November 8, 2004
Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike Ubisoft Red Storm Entertainment Action August 2005
Ghost Recon 3 Ubisoft Ubisoft Third-Person Shooter Winter 2005
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (360) Ubisoft Red Storm Entertainment Third-Person Shooter March 8, 2007
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Ubisoft Ubisoft Shooter March 30, 2006
Ghost Rider Majesco Climax Action 2006 - 2nd Quarter
God Hand Capcom Clover Studio Action Oct. 10th, 2006
God of War 2 SCEA SCEA Action March 13, 2007
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Shooter Fall 2004
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent EA Games EA Tiburon First-Person Shooter June 2005
Graffiti Kingdom Hot-B Taito RPG July 28, 2005
Gran Turismo 4 SCEA Polyphony Digital Racing February 22, 2005
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue SCEA Polyphony Digital Racing April 15, 2008
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Rockstar Games Rockstar Leeds Action October 24, 2005
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar Games Rockstar North Action October 26, 2004
Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Activision WXP Inc. First-Person Shooter Fall 2005
Gretzky 06 SCEA SCEA Sports October 2005
Gretzky NHL SCEA Page 44 Studios Sports Spring 2005
Guilty Gear Judgment Majesco Arc Systems Fighting September 5, 2006
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Aksys Games Arc Systems Fighting Fall 2007
Guitar Hero Red Octane Harmonix Music November 1, 2005
Gun Activision Neversoft Action Fall 2005
GUN Showdown Activision Rebellion Action Fall 2006
Gunstar Super Heroes SEGA Treasure Action October, 25, 2005
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