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Awesomenauts Preview
Saturday morning cartoons attack!
Yakuza: Dead Souls Preview
Kamurocho of the Dead.
Warriors Orochi 3 Preview
Musou legends across time.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Activision Raven Software Action October 24th, 2006
Team Fortress 2 EA Games Valve First-Person Shooter 2006
Portal EA Games Valve Puzzle 2006
Guilty Gear Judgment Majesco Arc Systems Fighting September 5, 2006
Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Capcom Capcom Action August 29, 2006
Work Time Fun (WTF) D3 Publishing SCEI Other TBA 2006
The Witcher 2K Games 2K Games Action TBA 2006
Final Fantasy III Square Enix Square Enix Action September 2006
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Real-Time Strategy TBA 2007
Army of Two Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Action TBA 2006
Children of Mana Square Enix Square Enix RPG December 31, 2006
Super Monkey Ball Adventure SEGA Traveller's Tales Adventure August 1, 2006
Phantasy Star Universe SEGA SEGA RPG Fall 2006
Crackdown Microsoft Game Studios Real Time Worlds Action Late 2006
Enchanted Arms Ubisoft FromSoftware RPG Summer 2006
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Activision Flagship Studios First-Person Shooter TBA
Hellgate: London Namco Flagship Studios First-Person Shooter Fall
King of Fighters 2006 SNK Playmore USA SNK/Playmore Fighting August 1, 2006
Yoshi's Island 2 Nintendo Nintendo Platformer 2006 - 4th Quarter
Mutant Storm Empire PomPomGames PomPomGames Shooter TBA
Cooking Mama Majesco Taito Other Fall 2006
Too Human Microsoft Game Studios Silicon Knights Action TBA 2006
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves! Nintendo Nintendo Party TBA
Prey 2K Games Human Head Studios First-Person Shooter July 2006
Chromehounds SEGA FromSoftware Simulation July 11, 2006
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