Rebelstar Tactical Command Preview - The Next Level

Game Profile

Gameboy Advance
Release date:
September 5, 2005
Codo Games
1 - 2
Real-Time Strategy

Rebelstar Tactical Command

Codo redefines strategy for the portable market.

Preview by Andrew Calvin (Email)
September 1st 2005

The Basics: Riding on a huge wave of anticipation, Rebelstar: Tactical Command is set to hit the GBA in early September. Created by the legendary developers of X-Com, this is turn-based strategy taken to the next level.

Rebelstar promises four play modes and all the destruction you can cause! Because environments are susceptible to attack, you not only have to worry about enemies but buildings, gas canisters, and other potential dangers. Players control individual soldiers wielding weapons such as grenades, sniper rifles, and missile launchers in turn-based combat that is always evolving.

What do we think? Hands down, the GBA was made for games like this. Strategy games such as Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics were made to be played on the go. You can tinker around while doing other things, or take a break for a while and get back to it, anyway you look at it, this move to the GBA by Codo is an exciting one.

The graphics are cute and clean and the concept is intriguing. Any stratagem seems possible with such a deep and flexible system that allows for ever-changing elements on the playing field. A definite buy for the strategy fan? Maybe so, we’re keeping our eyes on this one!

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