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Gameboy Advance
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Feburary 2005
Atlus USA
Atlus USA

Super Army War

Explosive tactical action emerges on the GBA next year. Details and screens inside.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 2nd 2004

Atlus revealed the first details to its upcoming military action game, scheduled to hit the Game Boy Advance in Feburary 2005.

Super Army War will offer players an "old-school arcade" experience which Akibo Sheih, Project Commander at Atlus U.S.A. says will offer "some great tactical elements."

The story puts you behind the controls of a brave pilot who must travel across enemey lines and strike the enemy at its hard and ultimately defend your advancing ground troops.

Lay down suppressing fire so US tanks can roll into position. Decimate enemy bunkers with a well-placed missile while avoiding fierce anti-aircraft fire. Deploy soldiers to reclaim lost territory. Rescue civilians caught in the crossfire. Perform high-speed bombing runs. Do all this and more in Super Army War. When was the last time you gamed for your country?

Super Army War will feature sixteen different missions spanning across a variety of terrain including frozen wastelands and palm-tree laden beachheads. Players can create and manage ground forces in real time. Depending on your preference, the game will offer two different vehicles (chopper and fighter plane) to strike from; no word on how your selection will affect the gameplay, but we hope its something more than a novelty. Ultimately, you'll need to take a break from the action; Super Army War will utilize a password system which allows you to resume the campaign at any time.

We'll keep you posted with additional developments as they become available.

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