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Nintendo DS
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Holiday 2005
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Battles of Prince of Persia

Ubisoft makes royalty play cards. (What?)

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
July 23rd 2005

Metal Gear Acid must of done something right for Ubisoft to take its upcoming Prince of Persia DS release into card-battle territory. Yes, you read that right. Announced earlier today, Ubisoft released preliminary details of the game, set to be released this holiday season. Perk up that poker face and read on to hear more.

So does this mean we won't be playing with the Prince himself? Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. While he won't be performing an array of kickass acrobatic moves that we've been accustomed to seeing in the console editions, there will be a unique twist that Ubisoft's decidedly adopted. More on that shortly...

First, let's map out some vital background details. The storyline takes place between the first installment, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the sequel, Warrior Within. The game will focus on the appearance of the Dahaka and how the Prince, while trying to rid himself of the terrible creature, ignites a conflict between Persia and India by releasing an ancient evil that has caused much death and devastation. Players will be able to battle it out from not only the Prince’s perspective, but also from that of several Generals who hold key roles in the conflict between the nations

The gameplay is intriguing, to say the least. From what we can tell from the fact sheet, the focus centers mostly on controlling massive armies who seek to beat each other senseless and gain more power in the process. All the action will be regulated through the use of cards which players collect during the, single-player scenario. So it's our guess that a relative degree of screen time with the Prince, himself.

The game also features multiplayer modes (no word yet on how many can play at once) that allow players to battle it out with friends or trade cards to customize their decks. obviously it's too early to determine whether or not this could be a hit on the DS, but we'll keep you posted as new details unfold.


  • New depth in tactical gameplay: A host of original rules bring a fresh depth to tacticals games.

  • Collect and trade cards: By advancing in the single player mode, collect money and purchase new cards to trade and make more powerful decks. Don’t like your cards? Trade them with your friends.

  • Intricate storyline: Follow the story from the point of view of any of the participants and learn what happens to the Prince and his land between the stories of Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

  • Nine different characters: Play any of the nine Generals in single player or in multiplayer. Create the army you want from any of the three factions and 27 units.

  • Multiplayer mode: Fully customizable multiplayer mode ensures replay value. Challenge someone who has the game or someone who doesn’t in either Multiboot mode or Hotseat.

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