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Nintendo DS
Release date:
November 2006
Atlus USA
Hudson Soft
1 - 8

Bomberman Land Touch

BOOM! New name, new screens!

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
August 26th 2006

The Basics: Atlus has released the first screenshots of Bomberman Land Touch for the Nintendo DS, set to release sometime in November 2006. Longtime fans of Hudson's action-adventure series are certain to be snatching this up on day one -- meaning that I should strongly consider reserving this.

Unlike most DS titles, Bomberman Land Touch will actually take full advantage of the handheld's unique capabilities. We hope you have a healthy set of lungs because they'll be put to the test in the Attraction Mode. It's basically the equivalent of a "party mode" featuring sports, actiong, racing and other themes. Taking a page from Feel the Magic, the player will need to literally blow into the mic in order to extinguish a lit fuse. I'm especially looking forward to the Battle Mode and going online wirelessly. Up to 8 players can go head-to-head using a single/multiple game cards as well as the Wi-Fi Connection which supports up to four players.

What we think:. I need this game now. 'Nuff said.

Last Update: 1/27/05

The latest installment introduces new and familiar challenges, taking full advantage of the dual-screen technology. Players will be able to access menu systems on the fly and offer voice commands to assist in winning their battles. Gamers can also choose between the 'standard' single-player mode and 'battle' mode where up to 8 people compete against each other via the wireless LAN feature.

At the moment, we can only share a single screenshot. We expect the game will make an apperance at this year's E3, so look forward to updated impressions in the near future.

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