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Nintendo DS
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October 30, 2006
Namco Bandai

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy

Just when you thought those clever DS subtitles were gone!

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October 20th 2006

The Basics: The anime series that captured the hearts and minds of millions of free Americans now comes to the Nintendo DS as Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy.

Players will lead Alphonse and Edward Elric on their quest to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone that they believe will return their Al to his body. FMA:DS features six playable characters including fan favorites Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong, Izumi, and Scar each with unique and devastating melee attacks. Players should also look forward to unleashing their full alchemic powers with the DS touch screen. Finally, the game is set to feature the same voice talent that propelled the Adult Swim TV series to the top of the ratings.

What we think: I’m a little wary of videogames based on TV shows or movies, but the last few years have seen a few games escape the “curse.” I mean, even Dragonball Z finally got a few solid titles this year. Perhaps my concern comes from my great love of the source material. The Elric brother’s story is long, twisted, and in the end not terribly full of redemption. How that translates to the small dual-screen is very important to me.

That said, of all the genres the DS has covered, sides-scrolling-action is not one of them. At this point I’d take a solid action game, even if it did misstep on the story. The extra modes Destineer Studios are promising (voice alarms, galleries, ect) sound nice, but I’m just looking forward to kicking some butt.

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