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Nintendo DS
Release date:
June 2005
EA Games
EA Tiburon
First-Person Shooter

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

Does this mean there's a new license for thrills?

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
April 9th 2005

I am not sure how well GoldenEye: Rogue Agent was received on the consoles, but it must of made enough cash to warrant a release on the Nintendo DS. Players will take the role of a former 00 agent kicked out of M16 for reckless brutality.

The DS edition will feature six missions, each which will offer a distinc mini-boss battle. According to the available screenshots EA supplied, players can access vital intelligence, check ammunition levels, hack electronic devices and execute other action-based commands using the touch-screen. The game will also feature a unique "training mode", allowing players to gain experience and earn new upgrades which will aid them in defeating infamous Bond villians.

Naturally it's too early to determine whether this will be a hit or miss with DS owners. Say tuned for more highlights as they develop.

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