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Nintendo DS
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Sept. 16, 2008
Tomy Corporation
Tomy Corporation
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Naurto: Path of the Ninja 2

TOMY's anime fighter goes to Round 2.

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June 24th 2008

Let's face it; the Naruto brand has become such an international hit, such a huge cultural success that that even casual anime viewers call it the next Dragon Ball Z. It's so widely accepted, in fact, that it may be difficult to find the game that uses the brand correctly, with so many Naruto titles being thrown around and on nearly every platform (Here's looking at you N-Gage).

Enter TOMY's sequel. Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2. With the first title having failed to live up to everyone's expectations, the developers have made it clear that the follow-up will do everything the first couldn't and then some. Right off the bat, Path of the Ninja 2 is developed specifically for the Nintendo DS, unlike its predecessor, a GBA port. That said, Path of the Ninja 2 has well-over 30 characters; on par with many of the PS2 and PSP Naruto fighters. The portable RPG extends its worth by adding a huge amount of moves. TOMY has made it clear that the sequel will have a huge amount of jutsus, easily outnumbering the amount available in the first -- and yes, the Sexy no Jutsu makes its triumphant return.

One of the main qualms some gamers had with the DS titles was that they didn't fully (or even barely) make use of the handheld's touch screen. TOMY has specified that as the DS is an excellent platform for RPGs and innovation, so players will definitely have to use the touch screen extensively to stand a chance on the battlefield. Stylus moves allow you to dodge enemy attacks, swap characters in and out of play, or deploy your own lethal attacks with the aid of a stylus.

Fans of the Japanese Naruto RPGs will be glad to know this is a direct localization of Naruto RPG 3, offering a second chance at fans to try the title in anything but crazy moon language. With Wifi play, over 30 characters, an improved soundtrack, and the general appeal and shine an RPG would have, Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 seems to be doing what it takes to become the Naruto game for your DS, whether you're pulling off your first Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, or summoning frogs Jiraya style. Wait, was that a spoiler? Well, crud.

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