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Nintendo DS
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August 23, 2005
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Pac 'N Roll

Pac-man heats up the DS this summer.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
April 15th 2005

Wow, Pac-Pix hasn't even hit store shelves yet and Namco's following up with yet another installment featuring the perennial chomper, slated for a summer release. Pac'N Roll is said to take full advantage of the system's touch screen, allowing players to control a spherical Pac-Man with the stylus by rolling, dashing and bouncing around the various environments.

What it's about...

In Pac'N Roll, the inhabitants of Pac-World have been turned into spheres by the evil monster Golvis' Ghost Light. Pac-Man must roll his way through Ghost-Land, collecting pellets and confronting Ghosts to save his family and restore peace to Pac-Land. Introducing an innovative new control scheme, Pac N Roll lets players control Pac-Man with the Nintendo DS stylus. Players can roll and dash around the environment as well as execute maneuvers such as hairpin turns, immediate stops and precision rolling with effortless strokes of the stylus.

What to expect...

In his quest to save Pac-Land, Pac-Man will venture through stages such as Castle Pac, Gyro-Jungle and the Ghost House, while facing perilous hazards like moving floors, dash panels, jump zones and wind zones. Along the way, Pac-Man will find power-ups like the "Winged Chocolate", allowing him to fly through the worlds and jump over Ghosts, or the "Knight Chocolate", providing him with armor which grants him the power to crash through walls and withstand more damage. (Suddenly, I am getting chocolate cravings).

Namco will also be throwing in an added -- the original Pac-Man arcade classic, allowing up to two players to jump in on the action and compete for the highest score.

Pac'N Roll sounds pretty intriguing and you can bet that our resident DS editors will be looking forward to getting some hands-on time at this year's E3. Until then, please have a look at the first set of screenshots and stay tuned for more information as it breaks loose.

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