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Nintendo DS
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Q1 2006
1 - 4

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Capcom's acclaimed survival horror series turns 10 and celebrates with a new handheld release.

Preview by Ken Horowitz (Email)
October 25th 2005

The Basics: You all know the story. By now you've played through at least one version of the original Resident Evil, so you may think you know what to expect. It's a good thing then that Capcom's one step ahead of you.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of the series, and they've decided to celebrate by bringing the survival horror classic to the Nintendo DS. A lot's changed since you last battled through the mansion, and there are several new modes and upgrades that should make this mission worth undertaking one more time.

Most prominent among the additions is the new "rebirth mode," which places the focus of the game more on action than puzzle solving. It utilizes the DS's unique features to make the experience as realistic as possible. The top screen displays your ammo, map, and health; while the lower section is used for gameplay. Cool little touches, like using the stylus to guide your knife (you can deflect jumping dogs now!), go far in tweaking the tried and true gameplay we're all accustomed to.

Other enhancements include mapping the knife permanently to one of the buttons, upgrades to nearly half the puzzles, and use of the microphone to revive fallen comrades and solve puzzles! The best part? Wi-fi play for up to four people. In either versus or cooperative mode, you can battle it out with friends or work together to escape the mansion.

What do we think? I must admit, I was highly skeptical when this was announced. I've owned at least three versions of the original Resident Evil, and this seemed like just another cash run. After seeing it and checking out all these new features, however, my interest has skyrocketed. If Capcom can do the wireless play right – and I don't mean like Outbreak - then this could really give the game new life. The added features and modes are very appealing, and being able to play in coop mode is exactly what I've always wanted from this series. Please Capcom, don't disappoint me!

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