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Nintendo DS
Release date:
October 2005
Box Clever Interactive
1 - 8

Shogun Warrior: The Lost Army

First details and screens.

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April 12th 2005

Players assume the role of one of two brothers who are locked in bloody combat in feudal Japan. Conquering neighboring territories and amassing formidable armies, only one warrior will be able to survive the deadly endgame to realize his ambitions and claim the title of Shogun.

What to expect...

In their quest to become Shogun, players will utilize the Nintendo DS's touch screen to plot complex battle plans while watching the action play out through detailed 3D graphics on the top screen. Touch screen mini-games such as duels, castle sieges and sea battles enhance the battle experience and give "Shogun Warrior" impressive gameplay variety and replay value. In between encounters, gamers will be able to use diplomacy and military strategy to manage their forces. For the ultimate in feudal warfare, up to 8 players can engage in enormous clashes through the wireless multiplayer capabilities of the Nintendo DS.

"With its touch screen and wireless multiplayer capabilities, the Nintendo DS is uniquely suited to excel at real-time strategy games," said Jeff Lujan, Business Director at Namco Hometek. 'Shogun Warrior fully embraces these features to deliver an all new and innovative gameplay experience to handheld gamers, while offering a rich and vibrant interpretation of feudal Japan."

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