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Nintendo DS
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Star Fox DS

Nintendo surprises us with an all new handheld shooter

Preview by Travis Fahs (Email)
May 10th 2006

Star Fox made a surprise return at the big show today, and a 4-level playable demo was ready to go on the show floor. The title seems to represent a new direction for the series, sure to ruffle a few feathers.

I was immediately reminded of the infamously cancelled Star Fox 2 on SNES. This is not a rail shooter, but a low-altitude free-roamer with square arenas and mission-based action. The demo levels seemed more designed to show off the game's mechanics and controls than a real representation of stages from the game so I can't really comment on how interesting the action is.

What I can say is that the touch screen controls (and at least at this point, this is the only way to control the game) work pretty well once you've gotten acclimated. The touch screen directs your ship, while the d-pad is used to fire. Rubbing back and forth on the screen quickly allows you to barrel roll, which can deflect incoming fire.

I don't know that this is really the Star Fox we know and love. It's somewhat strange that Nintendo would cancel Star Fox 2 for straying too far from its roots only to ressurect its formula so many years later. But the mechanics are solid, and with time this could develop into an interesting game, though it looks to be a long way off.

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