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Nintendo DS
Release date:
Sept. 15, 2005

Tamagotchi: Corner Shop

Virtual Pets are cornering the market in this new DS shopping sim.

Preview by Andrew Calvin (Email)
August 29th 2005

The Basics: Remember the craze over virtual pets about a decade ago? Well now Bandai Games Inc. is taking that popular franchise (which has recently regained popularity) and turning it into the shopping simulation Tamagotchi: Corner Shop (working title) set to hit the DS this winter.

Players pick their specialty, open shops for everything from bakeries to beauty salons, and then participate in mini-games utilizing the DS' touch screen to make transactions and hopefully keep customers happy!

What do we think? These are just the types of games we can sit here and scoff at yet when the time comes, we'll be the ones sitting there at 2:00 a.m. hooked. Depending on how addicting and well developed the mini-games are, this might be an interesting title and yet another one that fits into Nintendo's new marketing campaign targeting the female population and other audiences beyond adolescent boys.

We've seen it recently with the release of Nintendogs and because of the DS' unique touch screen capability, the concept may work. Let's just hope that the game isn't as gimmicky as the virtual pets. Sure they were clever but they got old really fast, too fast to ensure success as a videogame.

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