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Release date:
Q1 2005
Whiptail Interactive
Master Creating
Third-Person Shooter

Restricted Area

First details and screens.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
February 11th 2005

Overview: Restricted Area catapults players into the year 2083 where, as a result of environmental pollution, most of the earth is covered by mutant inhabited wastelands and contaminated deserts. The global government is weak and mega-corporations have become a law unto themselves. Players begin the game by choosing one of four totally unique characters. Their choice determines how the story will play out.

Though an RPG at its core, Restricted Area places an emphasis on action thus translating into faster gameplay for the player. In addition to a challenging, story-driven single-player campaign that has been likened to a futuristic Diablo II, Restricted Area also boasts a robust cooperative multiplayer feature that enables players to team up and engage enemies together.


  • Four totally different characters, each with unique skills and detailed back-stories that progress independently through the same narrative, but reveal the story from various angles
  • Complex role-playing system: 75 skills with 10 levels (750 skill levels in total). Numerous weapons, Cyberware and Bioware to boost player abilities
  • Dynamic dialogues adapt to the situation and the player's actions
  • Takes advantage of IRIS, the fastest and most powerful engine ever written for an isometric game, which took over two years to create exclusively for Restricted Area
  • Dynamic visual effects, including shadows, rain, fog, smoke, dust, fire, water, explosions and reflections
  • Advanced combat system for fast-paced action

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