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PlayStation 2
Release date:
Holiday 2005
1 - 8

FLOW: Urban Dance Uprising

Ubisoft puts its own spin on the rhythm-action genre.

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October 7th 2005

The Basics: Do you ever look at the shelves and think that all of these music games would be awesome, if only they had a different soundtrack? For all the gamers that aren’t that into the techno/Asian flair of Dance Dance Revolution and their clones, FLOW: Urban Dance Uprising hopes to make your heart skip a beat.

Based off of the world of urban dance (breakdancing in particular), FLOW gives you the chance to dance to your hearts’ content to a fifty-song soundtrack that includes artists like the Sugar Hill Gang, Eric B & Rakim, and Kurtis Blow. With ten playable characters, ten different venues, and six different game modes, you and up to seven other aspiring breakers can pass the time with over 100 unique challenges.

What do we think? While this isn’t the first hip-hop rhythm game to emerge (Get on da Mic comes to mind), it certainly stands out as one on a very short list. While the soundtrack sounds compelling, it leaves one wondering if those listed artists will be the only popular ones on the track, and if they’ll just fill in the blanks with paltry studio tracks. In the same vein, we know that they’re including EyeToy support, but will it be for actual gameplay or just to add live video in the background? I’m quite disappointed that there isn’t any dance pad support, but hopefully they’ll choose to flesh out the entire game instead of adding just another peripheral.

Is FLOW going to be a solid game in its own right, or is it just an attempt to capitalize on the now-mainstream status of both breakdancing and gaming? All we can do is wait and see if A2M and Ubisoft have the skills to back up their claim.

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