Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Preview - The Next Level

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PlayStation 2
Release date:
Fall 2007
Aksys Games
Arc Systems
1 - 2

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Heaven and Hell goes next-gen.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
June 23rd 2007

Today, we received an awesome selection of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core screens. Diehard fans can look forward to the next iteration making its way to the PS2 and Wii this Fall. No, that's not a typo. You read that correctly, it's also in development for the Wii.

Don't ask me why it's not coming to the 360 though. To me, that's just wrong on so many levels. Perhaps I am jumping the gun here and we'll eventually see it on arrival on the Xbox 360. Perhaps not. All I can say is: there's no acceptable reason to justify its absence.

Anyways, we've sorted through the PR hyperbole which basically translated it to acknowledge one simple fact: Accent Core is bringing a lot more to the table this time around. Two new characters (Oba-Sol and A.B.A), new stages, character voices and 3 new gamplay styles are the biggest highlights of all which fans will be particularly interested about. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the new Generations Mode which allows players to set up their own "dream matches" between new and old characters.

Everyone can look forward to their personal favorites making the return, including EX versions of each fighter. Beyond that, both versions will be virtually identical, with one major exception: the Wii edition will allow players to literally waggle the Wii Remote to execute special moves.

It sounds exciting on paper, but I am predicting some TVs or other valuable objects getting destroyed from people doing manic motions in their living rooms.

We'll keep you posted as new developments unfold. Stay tuned for hands-on coverage later this Summer.

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