Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 Preview - The Next Level

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PlayStation 2
Release date:
April 2005
1 - 4

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

Capcom takes its alternative RE adventure for another round. First screens inside.

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February 5th 2005

Overview: Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 continues the dramatic story of an outbreak caused by a secret biological weapon infecting the people of Raccoon City. Citizens are turning into flesh-eating zombies that swarm the streets. In the shadow of this nightmare are a few desperate survivors. They must find a way to get out of the city before they fall victim tothe hordes of undead creatures and before the government has a chance to wipe out the entire area to prevent the disaster from spreading.

Players join the eight characters from the first game in all new terrifying scenarios, with assorted locales, different enemies and further details of the truth behind the catastrophic events. The sequel will also allow up to four players to play online via the PS2's network mode or enjoy the adventure offline, accompanied by two computer AI characters. The key to survival will be cooperating with and helping fellow characters as they fight to survive the various scenarios.


  • Unique cast of eight playable characters – all are ordinary residents in Raccoon City, each with different strengths, special abilities and perspectives of the storyline

  • All new scenarios

  • More unexpected twists and turns, new challenges, never before seen enemies and much more!

  • A variety of non-playable characters (NPC’s) encountered throughout each scenario

  • More freedom than past Resident Evil games with multiple options for progressing through levels

  • Two control schemes – D-pad for classic Resident Evil fans and new analog option for Devil May Cry type control

  • Random, unpredictable placement of enemies that changes players’ experiences

  • Result point system which can be used to unlock items in the extensive collection mode including unlockable characters, art gallery and more

  • Use of ordinary items found throughout the scenarios as weapons

  • In-depth profile which tracks player statistics including play time, types of weapons used, distance walked and more

  • HDD hard drive support enhances gameplay

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