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PlayStation 2
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January 30, 2007
Level 5

Rogue Galaxy

New trailer! Level 5 sets out to impress us once again with an all-new action RPG.

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May 4th 2006

Fresh off the presses comes a spectacular new trailer for Rogue Galaxy, which will likely have all of you Level 5 fans salivating. While it doesn't last more than a couple of minutes, it offers a bunch of flashes of gameplay mixed in with some cutscene segments that show what the game will be about. Like all good teasers, it generates more questions than it answers, and leaves you wanting to play....NOW.

All sorts of goodies abound in the film. It opens with the protagonist Jester gazing at a pirate ship, then peering out into space, raising his fist into the air. This quickly segues into short bursts of all kinds of action, including scenes of him racing across a desert plain then joining forces with a friend, meeting a band of pirates, and setting sail with a cast of characters (and leaving someone behind as well?).

Scenes of the ship air-sailing across the planets - and orbiting around them - moves then into hints of the various types of worlds that will be at your fingertips. There's a bustling futuristic city, some sort of an ancient temple, and a granite skyscraper. This is interspersed with battle scenes, showing confrontations with what appears to be a huge, Colossus-like monster and (thankfully) some human-sized enemies as well.

If you've been looking forward to Rogue Galaxy at all, the new trailer will only increase your passion to play it. So check it out here, and don't say we didn't warn you.

ยทยทยท Richard Grisham

Last Update: 5/3/2006

The Basics: While plenty of development firms have developed some amazing titles on a consistent basis, very few have managed to keep an overall quality level that is consistently amazing and innovating. However difficult it must be to pump out constantly solid titles, Level 5 has managed to do just that and has made a true name for itself with quality titles such as Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Warrior VIII. The question therefore, on everyone's mind, is what's next?

Well, it has recently been announced amidst heaping helpings of media and details, that the latest game to be released from dynamo Level 5 will be known as Rogue Galaxy (RG). Sporting the beautifully cell shaded artwork that Level 5 is known for, Rogue Galaxy follows the adventures of Jester Rogue; a 17 year old boy aching to travel the universe. Naturally, as seems to be the norm for 17 year old boys in video games, he soon finds himself on a grand adventure exploring the universe along with a motley crew of space pirates.

The universe that is given to the player to explore is to be incredibly vast and sprawling; littered with unique areas. Each planet is to be themed after a particular motif which will no doubt provide a diverse set of locales with which to wow us with its intricate details. Gameplay has been announced as a blend of action and RPG. You will be able to travel in parties of 3 allowing the player to control the main character and the computer to pick up the slack of your compatriots, though it has been announced that you can issue commands making it sound quite similar to the .hack series.

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