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PlayStation 2
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Feburary 7, 2006

Tales of Legendia

New backstory details and video footage.

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November 3rd 2005

Namco has just offered us some new backstory details for Tales of Legendia which should satisfy gamers eagerly looking forward to its release. Check out the new info below, including a new video trailer:

The backstory focuses on Senel and Shirley who find themselves shipwrecked on an ancient ship called the Legacy. It's a mysterious relic left over from an ancient civilization.

From the moment they arrive, it seems that various powers on the ship are trying to get their hands on Shirley. They call her "Merines," a legendary being that can control the ship with only the power of her mind.

Power corrupts, and seems to bring out the worst in people who would stop at nothing to control it. Shirley is kidnapped, and Senel tries desperately to save her, forming alliances with people he meets along the way in an effort to bring Shirley back to safety.

In the video footage, Senel and Will, the town historian and acting sheriff have set out on a journey to find Shirley. Along the way they meet Chloe, a brave knight who'll stop at nothing in pursuit of justice -- even if it means slicing people up on assumption, when all they intended to do was rescue a missing girl.

··· Chris Scantleberry

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Last Updated: 10/26/05

The Basics: Tales of Legendia is a new game in Namco's long-runing Tales of... RPG series, which is a good cause for celebration. Since the days of the SNES, the Tales games have been evolving into their own special style of RPG, combining a side-view battle system that plays more like a fighting game than a traditional RPG, except with all the depth and complexity one wants from the best of the genre. Tales of Legendia promises to continue the tradition with an enhanced fighting engine called X-LiMBS. Short for Crossover Linear Motion Battle System, Namco seems awfully proud of it despite not yet spilling the beans on how it differs from any other Tales game.

Tales of Legendia stars Senel Coolige, an expert in the magical skills called "eres". He and his sister Shirley are lost at sea when they get caught on a mysterious island-ship named Legacy. Investigating the Legacy and what it means to them and the world should provide a good 40 hours of gaming, minimum.

What do we think? The Tales games have been a lot of fun so far, with solid characters involved in interesting plots and a fun battle system. A new game in the series is worth paying attention to, and so far it's looking good. Colorful graphics depict well-designed characters living in a gorgeous world done up in the classic RPG style of "idealized medieval", although there's always a touch of high-tech kicking around somewhere.

So bring on Legendia! The Tales games have remained strong so far, and everything points to this being another excellent entry in the series. It's been long enough since Tales of Symphonia that the blah feeling one can get from the annual installment frequency too many other series favor isn't going to be an issue.

··· James Cunningham

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