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PlayStation 3
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Namco Bandai
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Ridge Racer 7

It's bigger and better. Need we say more?

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
October 20th 2006

The Basics: Namco reveals some key details on the customization features and three new machines in Ridge Racer 7. A first in franchise history, Ridge Racer 7 offers 375,000 ways to make your machine unique, with up to 7,150 combinations to tailor the performance of each machine. In short, no player should ever complain about a lack of diversity.

Here's a roundup of the features:

Create the Ultimate Exterior: Giving players the ability to choose from a variety of body kits, colors and decals to customize their hot wheels as they see fit

Improved Performance: Perform engine tune-ups and performance upgrades to improve your chances in the extensive GP series.

Customizable Handling: Improve cornering performance by adjusting tires and suspension to customize drift characteristics.

Variable Nitrous: Various nitrous options are now available. Strengthen your normal or ultimate charge, increase the number of nitrous tanks, select auto-charge or reverse charge, or even use flex nitrous, which can be turned on or off at any time!

As for new vehicles, Ridge Racer 7 will feature the following:

Centellee: The latest super sports vehicle from Terrazi boasts a 4000cc V8 engine, a top speed of 210mph and a handcrafted body, making this machine no match for its competitors.

Magnifico: With an extremely practical and luxurious interior, this powerful and sporty car possesses a drastically lightened body, an inline 2000cc 4-cylinder engine, and a top speed of 178mph.

Jujak: This high-tech sports coupe features multi-torque control for variable road and weather conditions, an inline 2700cc 4-cylinder engine and a top speed of 156mph. Jujak is the cutting-edge sports car.

What we think: Once I get around to picking up a PS3, Ridge Racer 7 will be one of the first titles on my list. Between all the latest screenshots and gameplay footage I've seen, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be one of the system's most successful titles. It's got my vote for "killer app".

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