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PlayStation Portable
Release date:
Summer 2005
First-Person Shooter

Coded Arms

Konami offers the first-ever FPS for the PSP.

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May 30th 2005

One of the most highly anticipated titles for the PSP portable, Coded Arms is a visually stunning first-person shooter that places the gamer in the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates an abandoned virtual reality system. Originally created as a combat training simulator to prepare for an alien invasion, the VR system was shut down during development after a major flaw was discovered. Unbeknownst to its creators, the simulation program continued to evolve on its own, turning into a vast and brutal VR world populated with virtual alien invaders, dangerous computer bugs and the VR system’s own security bots. Arming themselves with an assortment of weaponry, gamers battle these enemies through the virtual landscape, delving deeper into the heart of the unchecked system.


  • Multiplayer modes for four players, including Deathmatch, Keep the Mark, and Last Man Standing

  • Immersive single player mode with stunning visual elements and ultra detailed environments

  • Weapons and power-ups you have collected during stage exploration in single player mode can be used in Multiplayer mode to expand the replay value of the game

  • More than 30 weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles, pulse weapons and rocket launchers

  • More than five different game worlds with randomized levels to explore

  • Battle various enemy types such as Soldiers, Bugs and Bots, as well as huge boss enemies

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