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Game Profile

PlayStation Portable
Release date:
June 28, 2005
1 - 4
Third-Person Shooter

Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Namco offers a side of ass-whupping to go.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
April 14th 2005

Overview: Fearless beat cop, Jack Slate is back in a hardboiled action adventure that blends the best of Hollywood cinematic style with Hong Kong inspired action. Featuring a new storyline, as well as new moves, weapons, and features, Dead to Rights is packed with action. Someone has kidnapped an essential informant in a high profile investigation of an untouchable crime lord called, Whisper. Jack, and his trusted K-9 partner, Shadow, return to navigate the corrupt underworld of Grant City and go bullet-to-bullet with an army of hostile gang members to rescue the lost informant before it’s too late.


  • New immersive storyline, new weapons, new lethal disarms, new hardware – Dead to Rights style!

  • Trusty dog Shadow returns! – Send Shadow in to wrestle enemies to the ground and finish the attack

  • Go head-to-head with your friends – wireless multiplayer DeathMatch gameplay adds hours of replay value

  • The perfect mix of mayhem! – Slow-motion choreographed dives, hardcore melee fighting, devastating disarms and super slick kill moves

  • Advanced camera system – takes full advantage of the PSP widescreen, allowing players to simultaneously track multiple enemies.

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