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PlayStation Portable
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August 16, 2005
Backbone Entertainment

Death Jr.

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January 29th 2005

Konami of Europe today announced plans to publish Death, Jr., one of the most highly anticipated launch titles for the forthcoming PSP handheld video game system. Already creating a huge buzz in the video game industry for its surprising amount of visual effects - including a unique particle-effect system and sophisticated 3D engine - Death, Jr. is emerging as a must-have title for PSP.

Developed by Backbone Entertainment, Death, Jr., seamlessly blends first-person shooter elements with third-person platforming action that serve up a large dose of intense gameplay and weapon-heavy combat. The game stars Death, Jr., a mischievous youngster who embarks with his friends on a school field trip to the local museum. When the group sneaks away to explore on their own, they unwittingly unleash an ancient evil from a mysterious locked box. Now, facing near insurmountable odds and the threat of being grounded and sent to military school, Death, Jr. and his pals must fight hoards of demons and their wicked master Moloch through the museum's displays and surrounding town before anyone else finds out.

In order to avoid getting in trouble, and to save his friends from eternal suffering at the hands of Moloch, Death, Jr. must eliminate the evil demon scourge that has taken over the town. Armed with a mighty scythe, which serves as both a weapon and unique platforming tool, and an arsenal of guns and explosives, Death, Jr. will battle through numerous action-filled levels towards a final confrontation with Moloch himself.

Originally,Death, Jr. was created as a character and a world to show off developer Backbone Entertainment's 3D engine technology. Over the past months, Death, Jr. has created such a huge buzz at this year's Game Developer Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo, it has now become a hot property in the entertainment industry.

We'll be back with additional information as it becomes available.

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