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PlayStation Portable
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October 24, 2005
Rockstar Games
Rockstar Leeds
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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Enjoy a life of crime -- travel-sized.

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October 19th 2005

The Basics: The mega-popular Grand Theft Auto franchise gets ready to establish a new crime empire in a new place – the PlayStation Portable.

Liberty City Stories is an all-new GTA experience created exclusively for the PSP, and it'll bring everything you love about the series to the machine…as well as some interesting new stuff, too.

GTA: LCS takes players back to Liberty City, the urban sandbox they trawled through in the PS2 classic, Grand Theft Auto III. This time around, the game's events transpire three years before the third installment, so things will be different from what you may remember.

As exiled gangster Tony Cipriani, you'll make your return to Liberty City and work your way up the ranks of Salvatore Leone's powerful mob, while doing all the killing, robbing, racing, exploring, and hooker-beating the series is notorious for.

The three boroughs of Liberty City – Portland, Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island – have been recreated perfectly in LCS, and are dripping with new characters to meet, new missions, new shops and new locales to check out.

Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North teamed up and built a custom graphics engine to bring the game world to life in spectacular fashion. On top of all that, multiplayer gameplay will be supported in LCS – a first for the 3D iterations of the series. With several Wi-Fi multiplayer modes for up to six players, you can sling slugs at friends for fun and profit.

What do we think? Hype usually kills, but Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories isn't folding under the pressure. If everything comes together as planned, this may very well be the game that truly shows off what the PSP is capable of.

The feature set makes it perfectly clear that Rockstar isn't cutting any corners on the GTA experience; the graphics and soundtrack are on point, the gameplay has all of the depth of the console games, and the multiplayer looks to be killer.

The premise of flogging unsuspecting pedestrians with blunt objects on the go was mint to begin with, but doing it with my pals? That's like Christmas coming early – it's that great of an idea.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is slated to drop next week on October 24th.

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