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PlayStation Portable
Release date:
September 5, 2006
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1 - 2

Guilty Gear Judgment

Get ready for a double dose of 2D beat 'em up action on the go!

Preview by Andrew Calvin (Email)
June 29th 2006

The Basics: Enhanced versions of console releases are the norm for handhelds these days so it comes as no surprise that the PSP should get a port of the superb Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (only available domestically on the Xbox and on the PS2 in Asia) supplemented with an additional side-scrolling beat 'em up that make up the package Guilty Gear Judgment, set to hit in the fall.

The side-scrolling portion of Judgment features a Story Mode (start with 5 character stories and unlock 15 other characters); Co-Op Mode (play wirelessly against others); and Survival Mode; as well as a simplified control scheme that makes performing difficult moves simpler on the PSP. According to Majesco, this new side-scrolling mode is going to reveal never before known insights into each character's personality and past.

#Reload itself features 23 characters and six play modes: Arcade; 2 Player Versus with wireless action; M.O.M (Medal of Millionaire); VS CPU; Survival; and Training. Fans can get more details at the official Guilty Gear Judgement website.

What we think: Guilty Gear is hands-down the most competent 2D fighter series out there right now. With each new addition, the game gets better and better, which brings me to my point: while I am excited that Guilty Gear is getting exposure on the PSP, I am disappointed that they didn't simply wait for the latest version and release that. If you've played Guilty Gear XX Slash (currently on Japanese PS2 and arcades), then it basically wipes the floor with all previous versions. It is such a dramatic improvement that it will be hard for the hardcore player to step backwards. The casual player though, will get the chance to jump into this great series on a system that should be able to run the game's high resolution graphics really well.

Also on the plus side, Guilty Gear has always been pad friendly with many top players preferring the standard PS2 pad to joysticks, so the PSP should work well for serious competition. It also provides the chance to play the game wirelessly against others, and competition is the heart of what playing fighters is about. Of course, the new mode with character development is a nice touch for those who already own #Reload. Overall, any exposure to Guilty Gear is good. The series is truly keeping the 2D torch alive. Let's hope that a domestic release of the amazing Slash is following close on Guilty Gear Judgment's heals.

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