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PlayStation Portable
Release date:
November 2005
Climax Entertainment

Kingdom of Paradise

Who says Qigong is for old folks?

Preview by Andrew Calvin (Email)
August 25th 2005

The Basics: Launching mid-November 2005, Kingdom of Paradise throws players into an ancient world ruled under martial law. As the young warrior Shinbu, it is your job to employ any of the 150 sword styles and 15 Qigong martial arts to dispatch an evil clan and restore balance to the world of Ohka in this 3D action-RPG.

Boasting a customizable combat system, Kingdom of Paradise offers scrolls from slain enemies that can be used to expand Shinbu’s skills. Sony promises an expansive experience complete with downloadable content and additional modes such as a one-on-one fighting.

What do we think? A new game for the PSP! Sure we could leave it at that. Quite frankly there is not enough good content on the PSP and with the Nintendo DS pushing some serious titles for the fall (Dawn of Sorrow, anyone?), it is good to see Sony stepping up and offering what sounds to be a fusion of old Shaw Brothers martial arts films with RPG elements.

The story and combat system sound interesting and there is a definite need for games such as this on the PSP. The added downloadable content is promising as well, something I hope the consoles will adopt for more RPGs. But the big plus, well just take a look at the developer. Ring any bells? Well if you’re a fan of Shining Force or Landstalker from back in the Genesis days, this is the same team.

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