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PlayStation Portable
Release date:
Fall 2009
Team Tachyon
1 - 4

Undead Knights

A zombie horde at your command.

Preview by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
June 9th 2009

It's almost worth suffering death and making a deal with a demon for the power to transform your enemies into the walking dead. Would sure make a day at the office more interesting, and probably more productive. In Undead Knights, the player commands a trio of antiheroes - Army of Darkness style - with the burly tank, the fleet-footed swordsman, and the "badass bitch" with a scythe. Together, they slash, stomp, and zombify their way through twenty levels to fulfill their lust for blood and vengeance against the good king that just happened to have ordered all of their deaths.

Zombies make excellent shields, bridges, ladders, projectiles, and even bombs.

The heavy metal soundtrack sets the tone for an action game that's like a mix of Maximo and Stubbs the Zombie. Kill your enemies and bring them back, but not just to attack. Zombies make excellent shields, bridges, ladders, projectiles, and even bombs. Seeing them scrambling over a giant to bring him down brought a smile, but it was better when that hulking brute fell under the player's dominion. You'll need all the help you can get too. Easy difficulty isn't so bad when you get used to the gameplay mechanics, but medium will put you to the test. And hardcore . . . whew! Coming from the house of Ninja Gaiden, expect a titanic struggle.

Undead Knights screen shot

The only hope for survival in Undead Knights is building up your characters, improving their weapons, buying essential items, and kicking a ton of ass with not just your horde, but special moves and powerful combos, sacrificing your army to convert even more to the cause. Though there's not just the single-player. Ad-hoc multiplayer means up to four people can prove whose the best zombie wrangler in a straight-up combat mode, a rush to be the one to beat the boss, and zoombieee raaceer! where the first to reach the king wins.

Shambling its way to the PSP come Fall 2009.

Undead Knights screen shot

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