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PlayStation Portable
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TBA 2006
D3 Publishing

Work Time Fun (WTF)

D3 Publisher shows off its PSP-equivalent to Wario Ware.

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June 21st 2006

The Basics: You know when you saw Wario Ware for the first time? Seeing its random nature, almost completely formless? It was a barrage of pointless, quick images, like a series of commercials for stuff too dangerous to sell at Walmart. And if your mind were warped enough by blogs and message boards, you probably thought -- "Dubya-Tee-Eff?!" And D3 Publisher will get no misleading advertisement lawsuits with their new PSP game, WTF (Work Time Fun), which emulates the general idea of Wario Ware but then pumps it up on ludicrous speed, with wacky games you'd never though you'd see on this side of the Pacific.

What we think: Truly, this is the game to destroy all the street cred the PSP has. Play it on the subway and all the people learning over you, thinking you're awesome and playing a Metal Gear or some zombie dismemberment simulator, will be shocked, perhaps to their very core, to see you playing a minigame where you sort baby chickens. And that's exactly WTF is: handheld silliness in 3D.

You're in the employ of some demon who's commanding you to take on a variety of jobs for a mere pittance; successfully finishing games will net you a check of barely over a dollar, if that. And those monies are used to buy more minigames. But who cares about the money when you get to chop wood for some old lady all day? In the bizarre baby chicken-sorting game, an endless factory line of chicks line up and you have to place them in the right box: chicks with bows go in the "girl" box, chick without a bow go in the "boy" box, and dead blue chicks with a halo over their head go in the "heaven" box. Already, you know if this game is for you: if the idea of sorting dead chicks sounds awesome, you have no choice but to pre-order this sucker and endure the nasally laugh of the EB employee. Otherwise, you're okay with the idea that a legion of chicks will never go into their proper box.

The best game available to play at E3 was a person observing game. At the beginning of the round, you're shown a lineup of about 15 people. Press a button and the round starts. It's a busy street. A variety of people walk by. Most of them are part of the lineup and every time you see one, you press X and your hand onscreen presses a clicker. If too many of the lineup walk by without you pressing the clicker or if you press on the clicker too much, the round ends and you only get about three cents.

But the mind-melting brilliant thing about this game is that it's a parody of Doom. It's all in a first-person view, but instead of a chaingun, you're holding a piddly clicker. And there's even the shifty-eyed marine bust at the bottom of the screen. However, instead of being on the lookout for demons and Cerberuses, he's making sure that Man Walking Dog doesn't pass his steely gaze. A brilliant parody that we can only hope that can strike again somewhere else in WTF.

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