Elebits Preview - The Next Level

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Nintendo Wii
Release date:
December 13, 2006


Hide and seek with the cutest cockroaches ever.

Preview by James Cunningham (Email)
May 12th 2006

The Wii and its remote have been gone over time after time, but nothing explains them better than actually getting some hand-on time. Elebits, not having the insane waiting time of titles like Super Mario Galaxy, was my first real experience with the remote and its nunchuck attachment.

The plot of Elebits is an odd one. There are these weird critters hiding all over the house, and knocking things around exposes them. Highlight an item with the remote, such as a drawer, hold down the button, and pop it open with a natural pulling motion. Some Elebits might pop out, and then it's time to zap them using the same button used to manipulate items.

Those little guys get into everything, too. Drawers, cupboards, appliances, light fixtures, and even the faucet. Certain items like the microwave actually require activation before the Elebits appear, and holding the remote button down while targeting the power switch and pushing forward fired it up. In a few seconds the door popped open as the Elebits made their escape, only to be zapped by rapid-fire beams from the remote.

Meanwhile, the nunchuck add-on is used for movement and looking around. The analog stick in conjunction with the motion sensor is good for a full 360 degrees of movement, and with a bit of practice felt very natural and responsive. It only took a short time to combine the actions of nuncuck and remote into an Elebit elimination frenzy.

There was even a powerup available to be found, a lock-on laser, allowing the elimination of several Elebits at once for more efficient house cleaning. What started off as a tentative foray into the world of Wii turned into a high-speed kitchen cleansing, fighting the demo's timer to get the high score. Of course, with the number of items I threw around the kitchen (pots, pans, drawers, etc.), I have to wonder if maybe it wasn't better to have left the Elebits alone in the first place.

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