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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves!

The best excuse for that remote yet.

Preview by Travis Fahs (Email)
May 23rd 2006

The Basics: After it's first iteration, it seems Wario Ware has become a showcase series for new input methods, with Twisted! featuring a built-in rotation sensor, and Touched! was a flagship title for the DS's touch screen. So it seems appropriate that Nintendo is preparing a new entry in the series to showcase its unique Wii controller.

Wario Ware, for the initiated, is essentially a collection of hundreds of games, each about five seconds long, and played in rapid succession. It's within that short time that the player must figure out the goal of each game and either complete it, or survive until the time expires (depending on the game). Smooth Moves! tosses a curveball at the series and in so doing manages to demonstrate the versatility of Nintendo's controller design.

Before each game, an illustration will appear, showing a method of holding the controller. This might involve placing it in the palm of your hand ("The Waiter"), holding it on top of your head ("The Mohawk"), grasping it in the middle ("The Dumbbell") or any number of other methods. Then the mini-game (or micro-game as the series calls them) will begin, and its objective will hopefully become apparent by how you're holding the controller. For instance, while assuming "The Waiter" position you might be shown an outstretched hand balancing a broom, and have to move your hand back and forth to keep it from falling. While assuming "The Head Honcho" with arms on hips, you might be asked to gyrate your hips to keep a hula hoop in motion. The variety will be ample, and the pace demanding.

What we think: There were a lot of great ideas being shown, and the assortment of "micro-games" is clearly just scratching the surface. This maintained the feel, wacky humor, and fast pace the series is known for, but it felt completely fresh, and the new input method is the most flexible yet in the series. Wario Ware was also the most physically demanding game to use the Wii controller, so don't expect to enjoy it from the comfort of the couch. Indeed, you will be flailing about, jumping up and down, and generally making an ass of yourself, making it the perfect title to enjoy around your less self-concious friends, at least until we get a new Samba De Amigo. For that reason, I really hope Smooth Moves! will pack all the brilliant multiplayer modes from the GameCube version. It seems like good silly fun, and a great game to get everyone laughing, be they gamers or not. Surely Nintendo couldn't have hit their target with this Wii concept better than here.

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