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Release date:
March 1, 2005
Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Canada
1 - 2

Fight Night Round 2

Get ready for an
all-new ring king.

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January 26th 2005

Get ready for the ultimate knockdown! EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 2 delivers the most realistic boxing title to ever grace the video game ring. New featuring include the EA SPORTS Haymaker, innovative gameplay inside and outside of the ring, a unique create-a-player option and an extensive career mode. EA Sports Fight Night Round 2 is the must-have title for fighting and boxing fans!

Key Features

  • All-New EA SPORTS Haymaker - You're always one punch away from flooring your opponent, but miss and you're in trouble. Add extra power to each punch and go for the one punch KO! Haymakers cause massive destruction on your opponents but leave you open to counter shots.

  • Create A Champ - Featuring an-all new and unique create-a-player option, gamers can use the analog sticks to sculpt the look of the boxer in real-time as well as train their fighters throughout the career mode. Players can create the ultimate champion by transforming their boxer's skills and physique through rigorous workouts.

  • Total Boxer Control - EA SPORTS Fight Night's innovative analog control system gives you total control over your entire boxer's body instead of just your fists. Stick and move, block on the move, and even do a classic "Rope a Dope" all with the analog sticks.

  • EA SPORTS Cutman - Play an active role between bouts to help heal your boxers to keep them in the ring! With the all-new EA SPORTS Cutman, take command of your boxer's corner, using the full bucket of cut-man tools to reduce swelling and stop the bleeding.

  • Stunning Graphic Realism - From the boxers' faces and bodies to each punch thrown, the fighters have never looked so real! Each punch pays off with stunning visuals that reflect the damage of each blow.

  • Punishment Takes Its Toll - Protect your champ! Damage on your boxer will affect your fighting. Blocking will be a challenging task with a swollen eye.

  • Online Gameplay - EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 2 features online play with Xbox Live and PlayStation 2 online. Let your opponents across the country feel the power of the punch through online play!

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