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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Are you ready to leave the "man" choking your dust?

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October 25th 2005

The Basics: You may not know this, but Need For Speed wasn't always about 'tuner customization' and Hollywood-style night racing. So for you the 180 that Need For Speed: Most Wanted is pulling by mixing the street racing of Underground with the slowmo-traffic dodging of Burnout may cause some light whiplash. Don't worry. You'll still be running down rivals and exploring back streets… now you'll just be doing while running from the cops.

While building up your 'street cred' you'll make good use of the 'open road, open world' gameplay mechanics Electronic Arts is touting. There will be short-cuts to find, traffic to dodge, and fences to blow through old-school style. Of course it wouldn't be a modern Need For Speed title if there weren't half a dozen ways to pimp and tune your ride MTV style. The slicker your ride the better your 'cred'. Word to your parental unit!

Next-gen system, or should we just say Xbox 360, owners will want to pay close attention to the extra graphical details that are being laden upon the 3-core number crunching power that promise to really reproduce that 'Hollywood' feeling when players are flying over cop cars. In fact no matter what system you own EA is going to be hooking you up right with a version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

What do we think? Isn't nitros illegal? Oh, wait this is a videogame. That's right. It's interesting that a game about running from the cops doesn't draw more heat from conservative groups. But, we're not complaining. If EA can get the “run from the cops” element to at least match the current high water mark, Driver, and can do so while still keeping the car customization elements from the last two NFS titles… then gamers will be in for quite a treat.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is also in develoment for release on all current gen console and handheld systems as well as the PC.

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