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March 8, 2005
Microsoft Games Studios Japan

Phantom Dust

Majesco reveals an upcoming action/strategy title developed by Microsoft's Japanese gaming studio.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 14th 2004

Majesco today revealed the first details of its upcoming action/strategy game, Phantom Dust, developed by the Japanese arm of Microsoft Game Studios. Set for release in Winter 2005, Phantom Dust will offer gamers a “deep and involved single player experience”, which will also offer added enjoyment and options to enhance their skills via Xbox Live.

Phantom Dust is an anime-inspired title set in an post-apocalyptic era where chaos has forced people underground for saftety. Players must journey above ground in a quest to learn who and what was behind the destruction, but the surface is a place of deadly evil filled with unimaginable abominations. It is also home to mysterious particles known only as Phantom Dust, a force unlike any other that has given some members of the human race unimaginable super powers.

Featuring more than 200 single-player missions where players can build up their skill inventory, Phantom Dust also features several multiplayer modes via Xbox Live. Once connected, players can attain special skills and unlock new battle arenas by winning and competing in Live battles. Players can then trade these skills with other Xbox Live users, attempting to amass the more than 300 skills available. A game of fast-paced action and cunning strategy, Phantom Dust will test the physical and mental prowess of even the most advanced player.

Phantom Dust is certain to resonate with anime enthusiasts and action/strategy types alike as evidenced by its success in Japan where it has earned a coveted score of 34 out of 40 from Famitsu magazine, one of the top video games publications in Japan. We’ll return with additional highlights as they become available.

Phantom Dust TGS 2003 Footage (JPN Version)

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