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October 18, 2005
Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

The Warriors

The cult classic look at gang warfare makes its way from film to console.

Preview by Andrew Calvin (Email)
October 4th 2005

The Basics: Classic 1970s film The Warriors is making a comeback thanks to Rockstar Games, one of the most envelope-pushing developers/publishers in the market today. Rockstar is offering this stylized, cinematic adventure for both the Xbox and Playstation 2.

The scene is late 1970s New York; the mean streets crowded with miles and miles of thugs all vying for you head. It is your goal to make it through 20 miles gang bangers all because your gang was wrongly accused of killing the leader of a rival one.

What do we think? To be honest, being a child of the Star Wars generation, The Warriors were never on my radar to begin with. Yet, Rockstar is making quite an interesting decision and playing off the cult classic status of the film.

The Warriors fits perfectly into the niche that Rockstar has created, but as with GTA and Max Payne, the real deal-breaker will be playability. Is this really going to revolutionize the video game representation of gang warfare? Will Rockstar be able to recreate the feeling that the movie invoked? If the developers can faithfully drop us into the oppressive and violent streets of 1970s New York and provide us with a solid controls to make it through scores of rivals, this could be a real gem in a genre that is often more hype than quality.

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