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May 16, 2006

X-Men: The Official Game

It seems you just can't keep a mutant down.

Preview by Ken Horowitz (Email)
April 21st 2006

The Basics: Just in time for the next sequel, Activision is ready to go with X-Men: The Official Game. Take control of heroes Wolverine, Iceman, and Nightcrawler (who is unfortunately absent from the film) and go beyond the movie, as you explore the events leading up to it and its eventual repercussions. Each character has his trademark moves and abilities, and they'll need them to survive environments straight from the film. With a story written by Zak Penn (cowriter of Last Stand and Chris Claremont, expect faithful translations of your favorite mutants.

X-Men: The Official Game features stages specifically designed for each character's powers, along with other mutants – both good and bad – will come along for the ride. Even cooler is that the heroes can upgrade their abilities through the Mutant Evolution System.

What do we think? If Activision manages to top the stellar Legends series, I will be duly impressed. From the trailers and screen shots I've seen, they just might do it, too. There's plenty of potential here, and it looks like we'll finally get the Wolverine hack-‘n-slash action that we were supposed to have gotten with his previous outing (I'm still miffed about that one). The sheer popularity of the characters alone has long been enough to carry every game bearing the famous logo, but Activision has taken great steps to wipe away the stain Acclaim's years with the license has left.

At first glance, being able to only control three characters seems like a step down from Legends, but I do like the idea of the game attempting to offer some back story to the upcoming movie, rather than trying to recreate it directly. I also feel somewhat at ease knowing that X-Men scribe Chris Claremont penned the story, as few people know the characters better than he does.

Also in development for PS2, GameCube, GBA, Nintendo DS and PC.

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