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Skullgirls Review
A throwback to the classic fighting game era.
Trials Evolution Review
Out of the warehouse and into the world.
The Pinball Arcade Review
This is why we have physics.
Bulletstorm Electronic Arts 2K Sports First-Person Shooter 4
Burnout Paradise EA Games Criterion Games Racing 4.5
Burnout Revenge (360) EA Games Criterion Games Racing 4
Call of Duty 4 Activision Infinity Ward First-Person Shooter 5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Activision Infinity Ward First-Person Shooter 4
Castle Crashers Microsoft The Behemoth Platformer 4.5
Catan Microsoft Big Huge Games Action 4
Child of Eden Ubisoft Q? Entertainment Shooter 3.5
Cloning Clyde Ninja Bee Ninja Bee Action 3.5
College Hoops 2K8 2K Sports Visual Concepts Sports 4
Condemned 2: Bloodshot SEGA Monolith Software Action 3.5
Condemned: Criminal Origins (360) SEGA Monolith Software Action 4
Crackdown Microsoft Game Studios Real Time Worlds Shooter 4.5
Crackdown 2 Microsoft Game Studios Ruffian Games Action, Action/Adventure 4
Crysis 2 EA Games Crytek Studios First-Person Shooter 5
Dance Dance Revolution: Universe Konami Konami Music Action 4
Dark Sector D3 Publishing Digital Extreme Third-Person Shooter 3.5
Darkest of Days Valcon Games 8monkey Labs First-Person Shooter 3
de Blob 2 THQ Blue Tongue Platformer 3.5
Dead or Alive 4 Tecmo Team Ninja Fighting 4.5
Dead Rising Capcom Capcom Action 4
Dead to Rights: Retribution Namco Bandai Volatile Games Action 2.5
Deathsmiles Aksys Games Cave Shooter 3.5
Def Jam: Icon Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Fighting 3.5
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Atlus USA Larian Studios RPG 3.5
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