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Xbox 360
Release date:
November 2nd, 2008
EA Games
1 - 4

AC/DC Track Pack

A good deed done dirt cheap.

Review by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
December 8th 2008

AC/DC, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, had just recovered from the tragic loss of their lead singer Bon Scott by replacing him with Brian Johnson, leaving them with everything to prove with their new album "Back in Black." The stage was set in Donington Park in 1991 when they rocked the everliving shit out of the place for one of the greatest concerts of all time. Now that 18 songs from that set list come in Rock Band style, letting you sound out the drums beatin' in your heart. The tracks sound so clean it's hard to believe they're not from an album, though the occasionally too long solos and frequent ending jams give that away. The note charts are sublime and brutal, especially on guitar. Even if you're not an AC/DC fan, if you're looking for a true challenge in Rock Band, you've come to the right place. Hard nearly reads like Expert charts, and Expert... is off the damn charts. Expect to be thunderstruck.

Most of the songs are great to play, but not all of them are classics, and some suffer being live.

It's a shame what a non-effort the rest of the package is. Where's the cannons? The fireworks? Brian Johnson in his cabbie hat? Angus Young strutting across the stage in a kilt? All they did was slap the AC/DC logo on a stripped down version of Rock Band, removing the ability to create your own avatars and online play. It gained a few fixes from Rock Band 2 and the entire set is unlocked for free play at the start, but both single player and band play are just going through the set in order with these random band mates that couldn't look less AC/DC if they tried. A saving grace is the onetime import code that lets you bring all the songs into either Rock Band 1 or 2, but as a pure "track pack" this title is woefully overpriced. Most of the songs are great to play, but not all of them are classics, and some suffer being live. Put on Jailbreak and your friends are going to stick you in prison. The song has four guitar solos, one long enough to be a song on its own. I'd rather play Freebird.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith wasn't all sweet emotion, but at least they tried. AC/DC deserved that sort of tribute. Sure, the songs are what really matter, and they're amazing to play to for the most part, but there's so much more the developers could have done with this to actually justify its asking price. Fans of both AC/DC and Rock Band will love it regardless, but others should wait until it's dirt cheap.

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