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Xbox 360
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April 19, 2011
Electronic Arts
1 - 2 local and online

Portal 2

A game you can really fling yourself into.

Review by Christopher Rubin (Email)
April 26th 2011

The following inspection report performed by The Next Level Certification and Safety Center (TNLCSC) is to give a full briefing as to the current state of the framework laid down by Aperture Science. The last time we visited, our stay was a quick but pleasantly eventful one, with no shortage of hospitality and a delightfully succinct tour of the premises. Our exit was perhaps hasty and not well documented, but this return visit has certainly cleared up any remaining questions we had.

At first glance during our recent trip, we noticed that, visually, the compound has been improved as we requested. The underlying structure was certainly solid and so remains acceptable as it appears to preserve the old engines, while many of the behind-the-scenes views we were given showed off a very impressive layout that pleased our engineers. The time we spent investigating the older sector was not as appealing as the modern test labs and could use some upkeep and improved safety protocol, but it did provide a nice peek into the history of the company.

No period of the excursion truly lost momentum and it managed to maintain a high level of craftsmanship throughout.

We also offer our complete approval for the new location direction system as assisted by the friendly personality sphere, Wheatley. Our stay was very pleasant thanks to his supervision and direction, and it offered a refreshing counterbalance to the more businesslike demeanor of our previous guide, GlaDOS. Her dry humor was certainly appreciated and she did even manage to surprise us by maintaining the high level of quality delivered during our previous inspection.

GlaDOS was also very accommodating in our examination of the cooperative experience. The TNLCSC has previously encountered many single-user facilities that have attempted to add in a cooperative element, and due to numerous false starts and shoddy workmanship we were initially unsure of what this addition might do to the Aperture Science offices. However, we are pleased to state that the integration here was exceptional. Both of our guides, ATLAS and P-body, were vibrant in their display of character traits despite being silent, and demonstrated a true sense of competitiveness even throughout their pro-machine/anti-human unity platform.

During our tour of the premises, we also noticed the improved length over our initial stay in the single-user tour, which lasted nearly seven times as long in the modernized construction. As per the other enhancements, the additional duration did not feel tacked-on or drawn-out but was a natural extension of the more comprehensive frame. No period of the excursion truly lost momentum and it managed to maintain a high level of craftsmanship throughout.

The TNLCSC is proud to offer such a high level of approval for our second inspection of the offices located at Aperture Science. All of the additional features show a level of quality and commitment few other facilities offer, and it certainly made our stay a pleasant one. We look forward to any future projects and hope that their dedication to the progression of science remains a strong one.

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